The Fun World Of Funko Pop!

The Fun World Of Funko Pop! Six reasons why the line is so popular by Jason Delacey…

Has there ever been a line of collectibles toys as numerous as the world of POP!? Probably, no positively not! There was a time when I didn’t really dig these things. I found it all a bit ‘so what’ until my wife bought me a Rocko’s Modern Life Rocko and Heffer – then the flood gates opened! So, I thought I’d try and figure out why the POP! range is so, well… popular! Here are my six reasons:


  1. A Who’s Who Of Pop Culture!

One of the things I really love about the guys and gals at Funko is that they’re willing to make a POP! out of almost anything. No matter who or what you are into there’ll be a POP! for you. Superheroes? Well, there is a ton of them. Horror icons? Funko has you covered there too. In fact it‘d be more surprising if a game, movie, comic or TV’s show didn’t have a series of POP!’s. Even obscure things like random celebrities, sports mascots and the British Royal Family are represented!

  1. They Can All Hang Out Together!

While the cast of POP! characters is diverse in the extreme, they all share a root DNA. This means you can mix and match your POPS! and they rarely look out of place. I have a shelf dedicated to POP! Figures, featuring characters like Pennywise, The Rock, The Alien from Toy Story, Sophia from the Golden Girls and SpongeBob to name a few – a weird collection of characters to have on the same shelf, right? Well yes, but thanks to the POP! style this ensemble looks perfectly fine.


  1. They Are Insanely Collectable

I can’t even fathom what’s it must be like to own a complete Funko POP! collection. You would need to have a place the size of Wayne Manor, a Scrooge McDuck level bank account and hire Dog the Bounty Hunter to find them all. But the cool thing is you can still form a great collection even if you concentrate on just a single area of interest.


  1. Funko Look Out For The Collector

Any new Pop that I buy now I like to keep in the box. This was not always the case, hence why I have a shelf full of loose figures. Anyway, one thing that Funko do which I think is really cool is the packaging. Some complain that the boxes for POP! figures are super easy to get damaged (and they are) but I do like how easy it is to open a box, take a figure out and then put it back in if you decide you want to keep it boxed.

  1. They Are Not Super Expensive

Ok, so some of you read this and spat out your coffee. Hey, I understand; the cost of some exclusives and the secondary market can be brutal. However, POP!’s can also be found for £5 and under in many, many places. Heck, just the other week I found a few Mortal Kombat POP!’s in my local supermarket for £4 each! So, while this can be a series that you spend money on, It doesn’t have to be! There are many awesome figures out there that are reasonably priced.


  1. They Seem Like Such Cool People

There’s a really awesome documentary about Funko (I think it’s still on Netflix) that I really do encourage you guys to watch. It shows the origins of the company, but the thing it does best is to show you that the people behind this stuff are just as cool, nerdy and fanatical about collectibles as we are.


So, there you have it – a few of the reasons why I, and millions of other people, have become Funko POP! fanatics. BTW: I’m just on my way out to the local mall – no, not searching for POP! toys but to buy a new set of shelves to display my ever increasing collection. LOL!

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