Paladins Of The West Kingdom: Board Game

Paladins of the West Kingdom is set at a turbulent time of West Francia’s story, circa 900 AD. Despite recent efforts to develop the city, outlying townships are still under threat from outsiders.

Saracens scout the borders, while Vikings plunder wealth and livestock. Even the Byzantines from the east have shown their darker side. As noble men and women, players must gather workers from the city to defend against enemies, build fortifications and spread faith throughout the land. Fortunately you are not alone.

In his great wisdom, the King has sent his finest knights to help aid in our efforts. So ready the horses and sharpen the swords. The Paladins are approaching.


  • 112 Workers

  • 12 Attribute Markers

  • 32 Workshops

  • 28 Monks

  • 28 Outposts

  • 28 Jars

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 4 Player Boards

  • 2 Main Boards

  • 1 Start Player Marker

  • 1 Resource Marker

  • 40 Provisions

  • 50 Silver

  • 245 Cards

Vendor Information

  • Store Name:   Black Hole Toys
  • Vendor:   Black Hole Toys
  • Address:   Beverley Road
    Kingston Upon Hull
    United Kingdom (UK)

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